About tissue paper production

Pehart Grup develops and produces biomass paper products for both industrial applications, and for home use.

The absorbent paper produced in our paper mills is based on a mixture of short fibered cellulose that provides softness and long fibered cellulose that provides resistance.

We use wood, linen, hemp and reed cellulose – where cellulose constitutes 40-60% of the mixture. The extraction process is complex and separates the cellulose from the other elements allowing it to reach its purest form.

We believe evolution is based on responsible and sustainable processes:

FSC® C134427 SR EN ISO 9001 IFS HPC: 2009 SR EN ISO 14001 SR OHSAS 18001
FSC® C134427 SR EN ISO 9001
IFS HPC: 2009 SR EN ISO 14001
SR OHSAS 18001

A 100% automated process

  • cellulose is mixed and homogenized with water
  • the resulting paste is dried at over 500oC on an enormous cylinder
  • the paper is rolled into jumbo rolls of up to 2.5 meters in diameter

The rolls are periodically checked

To guarantee compliance with the main physical and technical parameters for each type of finite product.

Once prepared, the jumbo rolls are stored to be delivered to our industrial partners or to be taken over by our household use department.

The facilities that transform the raw material into toilet paper, paper towels, paper napkins or paper issues print, perforate and wrap the paper on cardboard tubes to produce the roles that are then cut down to standard sizes.

The process ends with the packaging and organization of products into pallets that are delivered to our commercial partners.