SC Pehart Tec Grup SA has established this purchasing policy as an integral part of the overall goal of the company, meeting customer requirements, manage production processes efficiently and meet the requirements of the integrated system management.

We are aware that in order to continually improve the quality of our products and working standards, we must rely on selected suppliers for our production process. Pehart Tech Grup believes that working with our suppliers for a sustainable business will create a positive outcome for both sides.

Purchasing policy of Pehart Tec Grup S.A. is correlated with quality standards (SR EN ISO 9001), product safety (IFS HPC: 2009) , environment (SR EN ISO 14001), and SSM (SR OHSAS 18001), but it also contains specific requirements based on the Code of Conduct of society.

This ensures the general conditions regarding:
a) the quality of the products and services purchased;
b) product safety / chemicals management;
c) protecting the environment;
d) code of conduct in the procurement activity.

We`ll be continually involved in a continuous process of improving the overall performance of our purchasing and procurement activities. Therefore, in our system of selection and evaluation of suppliers, their degree and capacity for innovation, process improvement and involvement will be of great importance.

This purchasing policy applies to all suppliers of materials and services of SC Pehart Tec Grup SA. This document includes the quality and sustainability requirements demanded by its suppliers by Pehart Tech Grup SA, relates to international standards and defines the specific business requirements of our company.

In this document, the therm “material” includes materials, packaging materials, chemical substances and preparations, services and goods. Goods can be produced by ready hygiene, cosmetics products, detergents, biocides products, dispensers, promotional items and more.

If the manufacturing of a supplier takes place on separate sites, or if parts of its production process is subcontracted, the requirements of this standard continue to apply in full and include all sucontractors.

a) The quality

Our company`s adherence to the principles underlying the ISO 9001 standard has the purpouse to achieving maximum efficiency and high quality of our products. At the same time, following the implementation of these standards, the whole process of our company has become customer-oriented.

Therefore, our company assumed the following principles:
– the production process must be very safe and able to help achieve general objectives
– process capabilities must meet the required specification and can be continuously improved
– preventive actions to avoid defects are preferable to qualitative control actions and non-conformance correction
– any detected defect must lead to corrective and preventive action

As a result of these, Pehart Tech Grup suppliers must ensure that:
– products supplied (raw materials, auxiliary materials, equipment, services etc) are in compliance with supply requirements and are correlated with their current and contractual technical specification;
– each delivery of materials as they have previously been referred to must be accompanied by transport documents, test and quality certification documents and any other documents required by applicable law and regulations;
– have own system that allows the traceability of the materials/components used to produce the delivered materials;
– will allow visits made by Pehart Tech Grup SA or other bodies appointed by Pehart Tech Grup SA to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of the quality and safety requirements of the delivered products and the technological processes necessary for their manufacture;
– the interaction between the supplier and Pehart Tech Grup SA will be documented. Any introduction of a new product into the manufacturing process of our company is made only based on the PS 11 Supply system procedure, using all the forms specified by it;
– all business reports will be subject to a contract;
– all materials must be defined by an agreed technical specification or technical datasheet, and with a unique identification code, both during the constant supply and development phases. Suppliers may not make changes to the raw materials / components used or the packaging methods unless they have been communicated to and accepted by Pehart Tech Grup SA;
– all delivered materials will comply with the requirements of national and international standards on product safety, environmental protection and SSM.

At the same time, to ensure that the above requirements are respected, Pehart Tech Grup SA will act using any of the following measures:
– the extend of control applied to suppliers of raw materials, materials, services etc. is made according to the final products obtained;
– the assessement and selection of suppliers is bassed on the organization-specific evaluation criteria;
– there are records of the result of evaluations and revaluations of raw materials, materials, equipment to be purchased;
– the result of the validation of new product are kept.

b) Product Safety

Due to final customer orientation, Pehart Tech Grup SA has set up procedures to ensure the safety of the finished product from the consumer`s point of view, applying and obtaining the certification SR OHSAS 18001 and IFS HPC. Starting for this, all the materials supplied must be accompanied by documents that will demonstrate the safety of the products and how they are used and handled.

Suppliers will transmit with each delivery in part the following documents:
– technical data sheet
– product safety data sheet with the specifications required by the various regulation and laws in force (for example REACH Regulation EC 1907/2006, special handling/storage requirements etc)
– information about toxicological tests already performed
– information about the food and cosmetics specific tests already performed
– information about the various product safety tests already performed (fire resistant etc)
– clear information about the presence of chemicals

Prevention of contamination and hygiene control: – the production of materials for Pehart Tech Grup Sa will take place under well-controlled conditions. These conditions will also include contamination prevention and hygiene control action, both in the production process and during handling and transport.

All chemicals delivered must comply with the applicable legislation for these types of materials. Suppliers may be required to follow valid legislation for other countries and not just for Romania or the UE if the finished product is shipped to those countries.

All suppliers must provide on request information demonstrating that their work is carried out in compliance with occupational safety and health as well as the fact that their activity is carried out in complience with the labor legislation in force.

In order to avoid contamination that may occur during transportation of raw materials, materials and finished products, the suppliers of transport services of Pehart Tech Grup SA or suppliers of raw materials and materials will have to make sure that the following requirements are met:
1. Vehicles intended for the transport of goods must not contain unpleassant odors, do not present dust within the means of transport, moisture, pests, mold or any other factors that may contaminate the products transported.
2. If the goods have to be transported or loaded under specific conditions (temperatures, size etc), well definited conditions in the transport order, the transport vehicle must be able to provide the required conditions.
3. The carrier is bound to draw up a documented maintenance and repair program so that the repair or maintenance actions performed do not affect or contaminate the transported products. Keep records of repair and maintenance work and corrective measures taken.
4. The carrier is bound to perform periodic repairs so that the product requirements are not affected. Such works will be documented and a short-therm dead line will be established to eliminate the mistake.
5. All materials used for maintenance and repairs will be maintained for the intended purpose.
6. Transport bills will be accompanied by signed and stamped supporting documents.
7. If the conditions mentioned in points 1-6 are not respected, we reserve the right to refuse to charge or pay the shipping bill.
8. Throughout the shipment, the carrier is directly responsible for the products transported and any contamination or destruction of them is supported exclusively by the carrier.

C) Protecting the environment

Pehart Tech Group SA pays special attention evironmental issues, as a result of implementing and obtaining the SR EN ISO 14001:2005 / AC: 2009 certification. Suppliers in turn need to demonstrate that they adhere to the principles underpinning this certification and that they will give us all the support to meet the assumed goals. Therefore, our suppliers will need to be able to demonstrate at all times thet they comply with the evironmental regulations in force.

Because the highest incidence of raw materials used by Pehart Tec Grup SA is made by cellulose, we pay more attention to it from the point of view of evironmental protection. Thus, cellulose suppliers need to use wood only from known sources.

The cellulose made of wood having the following sources is not accepted:
– illegaly cut timber
– wood in areas where cuts is contrary to human rights of indigenous people
– wood from protected forests
– wood from protected parks or areas preotected by law

Cellulose suppliers must have reliable systems and documented procedures that allow adequate supply chain control and traceability of the origin of wood raw materials.
This should ultimately be verified by an independent certification body.

Pehart Tech Grup SA has comitted itself to using only FSC (R) C134427 certified cellulose in its own production process and therefore asks its suppliers to make available a statement to atest this.

D) Code of conduct

The Pehart Tech Grup SA Code of Conduct was established in 2009 and defined a series of standards that have continually contributed to the creation of the values underlyng our society: Professionalism, Compliance and Respect.

Integrity and ethycs are seen as characteristic features of how Pehart Tech Grup are doing business.
The way we interact with each other, whith clients and suppliers, and show respect for laws and regulation, contribute to forming Pehart Tech Grup`s image as a society with high moral pursuit.

Correct actions are based primarily on honesty, professionalism and dignity. At the same time, acting justly depends on how well we judge things and how receptive we are to how we are seen by others and how they can interpret our actions.

Through every day work, each of us is responsible for the image the world is forming about Pehart Tech Grup. By showing loyality and consistency, we will ensure the continued trust that we enjoy from our customers.

The principles of Codes of Conduit are the basis of our actions, helping to identify strategic priorities and make decision in our current work. They cleary show what the company can and can`t , being a guarantee for the correctness of our actions and standards.

Starting from the above premises, a vendor is expected to lead business relationship with Pehart Tech Grup in a transparent and ethical manner and should not offer or participate in any illegal action, corruption or improper practice business. The provider is required to immediatly inform Pehart Tech Grup SA if it is aware of any such activity.
Also, Pehart Tech Grup SA`s suppliers are forbidden to use child labor or any other form of abuse.

At the same time, Pehart Tech Grup SA asks its suppliers to keep the confidentiality of the information resulting from the commercial activities between our companies.